About Us


The concept behind Local Dukaan is that millions of small retailers & local shops are struggling to get decent sales in recent times. The increasing trend of online shopping has made it extremely difficult for small shops to survive. It’s a dream of small retailers to start a successful eCommerce store. Many of them step back due to huge commissions (up to 35%) charged by big eCommerce companies or the complexity of running eCommerce stores. Sales of local shops and retailers have been suffering in the current situation, on the other side E-commerce is booming..

We all know retail’s future is driven by eCommerce., so we’ve come up with an initiative to uplift our local shop owners & retailers. Local Dukaan isn’t any other eCommerce company that creates your website. We help you at every step to set up your professional online store & sell your products. We remove all the compilations of setting up your successful eCommerce store. Local Dukaan offers you a mobile-friendly way to sell your products online. We aim to make every small shop owner capable of selling online profitably & confidently. 

You are just one click away from starting your eCommerce store. LocalDukaan.com provides all the necessary means a seller needs to reach a national audience for their products. Payment integration, managing sales channels, shipping- we take care of all the challenges for you. We let you focus 100% on successfully running your eCommerce store. Start your online store with LocalDukaan.com.