Become Our Channel Partner

Become a Local Dukaan Channel Partner & Give Wings to your Career

Digital Commerce is the future of retail industry and Local Dukaan is a grate innovation in their industry to support them grow digitally. If you are passionate about helping local shopkeepers grow, join Local Dukaan as a channel partner & simultaneously establish you bring future & career for yourself too.

Channel Partner Registration Fee for one Pincode: Rs. 50,000 + 18% GST = Rs. 59,000 (2 years contract)

What You Get:

  • Channel Partner Kit:
  • LD Printed T-shirt: 5 units
  • LD Printed Facemask: 5 units
  • LD ID Card: 5 units
  • LD Printed Visiting Cards: 3000 copies
  • LD Self-Adhesive Posters: 1500 copies
  • Pamphlets: 3000 copies

Your Responsibility

  • Hire 5 Field Executives
  • Target for every Field Executive: Register 25 Shops per day, Min. 500 shops in a month
  • Target for 5 Field Executives: Register 125 Shops per day, 2500 shops in a month
  • Target for 3 months: 2500 x 3 = 7500 shops registration in 3 months

Get all shops registration completed with products uploaded by shopkeepers, KYC documents & payment gateway registration. with promote all shops online for 90 days & generate business for them. After 90 days' free trial ends, follow shopkeepers to upgrade to paid subscription, which is a nominal amount Rs. 999 + 18% GST per month.

Payouts for 2 years after 3 months free trial (10% Flat incentive of total revenue)

Your Earnings
If 1000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 100,000 per month
If 2000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 200,000 per month
If 3000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 300,000 per month

What you earn in 2 years:
If 1000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 1,00,000  X 24 = Rs. 24 Lakh
If 2000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 2,00,000  X 24 = Rs. 48 Lakh
If 2500 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 2,50,000  X 24 = Rs. 60 Lakh
If 3000 shops paid subscriptions: Rs. 3,00,000  X 24 = Rs. 72 Lakh

What After 2 years?

  • Renew your contract at Rs. 50,000 for another 2 years & 
  • Get Flat 5% incentive of total revenue generated through subscription renewals by all shops registered through you & your team, as royalty for as long as these shops renew their subscriptions at 
  • If you had 3000 shops with paid subscriptions, you will keep getting Rs. 1,50,000 per month as Royalty for as long as they renew and sell through
  • Remember that if shopkeepers are getting business through, they would never discontinue their subscriptions.
  • With increase in popularity of, almost all shopkeepers registered through you, will gradually upgrade to paid subscription and you are entitled to incentive for that.
  • You will be filled with pride that you have helped thousands of small shopkeepers grow digitally. Do a work, which not only makes you earn, but also makes you proud.

Note: Your responsibility as a LocalDukaan Channel Partner will be to give local support to shopkeepers & assist them by solving their telephonic queries about