Report Infringement

Local Dukaan allows you to take preventative actions to avoid brand weakening & control crook sellers willing to damage your brand’s credibility. We allow eligible brand owners to protect their intellectual property (IP). If you own a registered trademark of your brand or product, you are eligible to report infringement at only if you find other sellers selling products associated with your brand or company. If you are the legal owner of a registered trademark., you are eligible to enroll your brand at Local Dukaan Registry. It is recommended to enroll your registered trademark to regulate cheaters or rouge sellers trying to damage your brand value.

If you wish to report an infringement, you need to sign in to access to fill the infringement form.

How to report infringement

If you strongly believe that your intellectual property(IP) rights have been infringed by another seller, you need to follow the below-mentioned process: Local Dukaan requires the Intellectual Property right owner or an authorized agent to provide the following details and email it to the moment he/she find infringement.

  1. A complete description of the copyrighted product/ trademark that you identified as infringed.
  2. Clear identification of where exactly the product you claim is infringing is located on with product ID
  3. Your complete address, telephone number, and official email address.
  4. A clear statement by you, that you are the authorized owner or copyright owner, and the information filled by is accurate.
  5. A clear statement by you that you strongly believe that the product or material is not authorized by the copyright owner or any authorized owner.
  6. Brand Name, only in case of trademark infringement.
  7. Complete information of the intellectual property being infringed with copyrighted images or trademark certificates.

Local Dukaan Infringement form is aimed at the use of intellectual property(IP) rights owners to inform Local Dukaan of alleged trademark infringements such as copyright and intellectual property concerns. If you are not an eligible intellectual property rights owner, Local Dukaan will not process any complaints.